Thursday, July 31, 2008

Men...need i say more

Can't live with them and can't live with out cliche!

There is a beautiful young lady that has wrapped herself into a four year relationship, two of which were long distance. He has five kids, she has only met one. He claims to want a good life with her and keeps insisting on her looking at "the big picture." During their relationship a few of his friends and family members have called her bitches, whores, and other names, her boyfriend never defended her. She believes that he is good to her even though he cheated on her with a much older woman, that was the first year. He seemed to show some financial responsibility for a couple years and then things quickly declined as she moved back in with her parents for the first time since she was in high school. She is now in another state with him and feels like she is there only for his physical desires because that is all he is interested in talking about. When she tries to discuss daily events with him he either doesn't pay attention or gets on the phone. She has noticed that he chit chats on the phone with no problem, but returns to her forgetting anything she has previously mentioned. This leads to arguments and her breaking things out of anger. She feels she has love for him but not sure if she is in love with him. He has done some nice things but doesn't know how to treat her, it is evident in the way that he talks and acts towards her. So now she is confused as to whether or not she should be with him. She feels that she has compromised a lot of what she believed in to be with him but he hasn't done the same in exchange. His last outburst was the worst, he talks to her like she is a gold digger even though he really has never given her money unless it was for a specific purpose, he also accused her of being a dope head, and told her that basically she isn't shit. So now comes the question of what should she do? She feels she has finally figured out that the reason why they still are together is because she has put up with all of his bs and never really held him accountable. So she pretty much created this by always forgiving his actions. If some one called you those awful names and said that your intimate moments aren't worth anything and that he could without, what would you do.

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